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  Available colors

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Mixture of liquid resins and special hardeners allowing its application on wet substrates (humidity >5%). It posseses a high fluidity and can be applied with a roller. High content of active material. Acts on irregular floors by filling any flaw of the surface, penetrating in it, giving rise to a firm surface in which a wide range of finishes can be applied aftwerwards.
Usage: Interior
Special features

Wet substrates (Humidity˃5%˂65%) Fluidity: application by roller. High content of active material. Good levelling, penetration and filling properties.


Recoat time

After 12, till 24 h, with the tacky product.

Drying time

Dry-to-touch: 8-12 h. Total dry: 12-24 h.


Ready to use.




10 L (A+B)
4 L (A+B)


Colorless. Apply with EPOXY, Polyurethane paint, water-based parking paint, etc.

How much paint shall i need? Indicate here surface in m2: Xm2 = YL o Kg

Estimation based on the application of one coat; take into account the number of coats recommended in the Technical Data Sheet to calculate the paint needed. Factual covering will depend on the previous conditions of the surface. If contrast between colors is very dramatic, more coats will be required.

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